Monday, June 13, 2011

Airbus lands in Miami

Look Up In The Sky...It's an Airbus A380_MG_3482Bus at the Car Wash_MG_3463Miami Airbus Landing Ceremony_MG_3452I see you!_MG_3670Come on in, the water's fine_MG_3669Classic Flipper_MG_3622
Say Ahhhh!_MG_3606Jumping for Joy_MG_3577_MG_1088_MG_1073Give me a leg up, will you?_MG_0962Planet of the Apes_MG_0925
Shoo Fly, don't bother me!_MG_1162Barred Owl, Strix Varia _MG_0798Barred Owl, Strix Varia_MG_0704Argentinian King Vulture_MG_0657_MG_0135_MG_0118

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