Friday, June 17, 2011

Against The Wind Images' photostream

solitary vigil_MG_0329pondering sunset_MG_0312Boiling water_MG_0276peaceful sea oats in the sunset_MG_0170October Sky_MG_0160Look Up In The Sky...It's an Airbus A380_MG_3482
Bus at the Car Wash_MG_3463Miami Airbus Landing Ceremony_MG_3452I see you!_MG_3670Come on in, the water's fine_MG_3669Classic Flipper_MG_3622Say Ahhhh!_MG_3606
Jumping for Joy_MG_3577_MG_1088_MG_1073Give me a leg up, will you?_MG_0962Planet of the Apes_MG_0925Shoo Fly, don't bother me!_MG_1162
Barred Owl, Strix Varia _MG_0798Barred Owl, Strix Varia_MG_0704Argentinian King Vulture_MG_0657_MG_0135_MG_0118_MG_0116

It happens everyday, It's different everyday. The setting sun lures and fascinates us as it takes its daily sojourn, boling into the ocean or sinking behind majestic mountain peaks. Here are a few of my favorite sunsets.

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