Friday, June 1, 2012

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George Hincappie-2519Homeward Bound-3526Balancing Act-3462The Thinker-3272Majestic Perch-3242Preening Egret-3224
Cattle egret sleeping-4293untitled-4280-2Tri Color Heron nesting-4280Homeward Bound-3721Cattle egret-3588Three chicks-2563
The Majestic Great Egret-2439"Mother's watchful eye-2433The Family-2423The Young Lookout-2400April 10, 2012-_MG_0203April 10, 2012-_MG_0191
April 10, 2012-_MG_0183April 10, 2012-_MG_0181April 10, 2012-_MG_0176April 10, 2012-_MG_0165April 10, 2012-_MG_0155April 10, 2012-_MG_0152

Three time US Pro Cycling Champion George Hincappie wows the crowd in the final lap of the 2012 US Pro Cycling Championship race in Greenville, South Carolina.
Widely believed to be his final professional race.

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