Saturday, September 3, 2011

Against The Wind Images' photostream

Silent vigil-_MG_9305Beacon in the Night-_MG_9273Surf's Up!-_MG_9238Lighthouse Point~_MG_9237Beacon~_MG_9216New England Beach_MG_9204
Lover's stroll_MG_9192Rye, New Hampshire lighthouse-_MG_9138Incoming missile-_MG_9098Circling the roost!-_MG_9094New England Lighthouse-_MG_0593Lobster bouy-_MG_0538
"Againt The Wind"-_MG_0306The Old Fashioned Way-7086Schooner At Rest-7076Hauling Home-7011Skiff-6968Working Trawler-6965
Idyllic Nantucket Harbour-7373Rhyme of the Infant Sea Mariner-7545Buzzing Bee-7275Castle Hill Lighthouse-6973Beacon In The Night-6995Sandcastles on the Shores-6958

A few images from my recent New England tour.

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