Sunday, August 28, 2011

Against The Wind Images' photostream

Buzzing Bee-7275Castle Hill Lighthouse-6973Beacon In The Night-6995Sandcastles on the Shores-6958I'm Barefootin!-6679Juxtaposed-6525
On Golden Pond-6423Rare four legged Sandhill Crane-6308Sanhill Crane-6297Sandhill Crane-6292Sandhill Cranes-6288Sandhill Crane-6281
untitled-6257Shades of Green-6209Baby Alligator-6202Baby Alligator-6157Florida Wildflower-6151Doe-untitled-6404
Doe-untitled-6400Young Buck-untitled-6380untitled-6379untitled-6378Running for Cover~-untitled-6376Running Buck`untitled-6375

The last days of summer in Nantucket bring out the bees to a wide assortment of flowers as they pollinate and stock their hives. One of Nature's many symbiotic relationships.

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