Sunday, May 29, 2011

Argentinian King Vulture_MG_0657

I took thee the new Canon 7D to the Palm Beach Zoo yesterday tto see what it could do. It performed admirably!

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Via Flickr:
King Vulture
Sarcoramphus Papa
King vultures inhabit undisturbed lowland forests and savannahs of southern Mexico to northern Argentina.
They are largely covered with white feathers other than their black flight feathers; their bald head is varying shades of orange, black, red, and white.
During the breeding season they are solitary and do not nest in large groups, rather they lay usually a single egg in the hollow of a rotten log.
Vultures have evolved to lack feathers on their heads and necks because they are unable to preen and clean those feathers after they feed on rotting carcasses.
When temperatures get too hot for the vultures they urinate thick white urine (uric acid) which runs down their legs and cools them off via evaporative cooling.

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